5 Fifty 5 (#242, 12/30/12) – 55

One more Sugar Bowl time meal. We ran by 5 Fifty 5 in the downtown Marriott on Canal Street. It’s an interesting place in the fact that it’s pretty good, but not sure if I’d ever go back. A victim of New Orleans. There are so many great restaurants, not really worth going to a hotel restaurant unless its simply sensational. Another bad thing is their website. I hate websites with music, especially restaurant websites. Do I really need music when I am looking for food options? So I turned the music off on the front page. Then I click the “menu” link and what do I get? More damn music. Nothing makes me less likely to check other pages than knowing I’ll have to turn the music off every time.

But anyway, the place was good, service was solid. We had an Asian waiter who had a fairly strong accent (no issue with that), but then he stepped it up by making some jokes, but very dry sense of humor, so I was confused, thinking, “This guy has no clue…wait a minute, he’s messing with me!” So that was good.

I don’t actually remember exactly what I had. I believe I had the 555 redfish, and I also had lobster mac and cheese. Man, I need to do this posts more promptly so I remember things better. They also had a fun bread basket, which is a very under-rated part of any meal, especially when you’re starving, which I usually tend to be. And I need to remember pictures too. Sorry about that. Anyway, the food was solid, going with another 25 out of 50; service was very good, so 15 out of 20. Then the atmosphere…well, it was a hotel, so it’s taking a hit, I will go with 15 out of 30, for a total of 55. I don’t think 55 is bad, is it? Maybe I’m turning into a tough grader. Well, tough luck, 5 Fifty 5, sometimes life isn’t fair.

30. December 2012 by Sudsbury
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