Wood Pizza & Bistro (#316, 2/27/15)

Wood Pizza & Bistro seems like it will be a gold mine when there is nice weather. It has a lot of outside seating and is advertising it’s 4-6 happy hour. I will definitely come back for that. On a bitter cold February day, however, we had to sit inside. There are only three tables, a bar and a pizza bar (6-8 seats facing the “kitchen” area). The bar is very impressive, looks great, a lot of draft beers and good selection of other booze. As this was a quick lunch stop, we were very pleased when out tutti carne pizza – prosciutto, sausage, peperoni, maybe more meats. $16 total for the pizza and it came out very fast. It’s very thin crust cooked in the wood oven (I assume). Solid place. Hit it up for happy hour for sure.

27. February 2015 by Sudsbury
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