Feelings Café Daunoy (#44, 4/19/2002)

This place is a very cool Marigny stop. I’ll never forget the first time I went as friends told me they were going to Fee-Ling’s, or that’s what I heard, FEE-lings. So I thought Chinese food sounded good for me. When we arrived, I looked at the sign and said, “I thought we were going for Chinese?” But anyway, very good food, I love the pork tenderloin, but nearly everything is good. They have a variety of areas to sit including a cool outdoor balcony that overlooks the outdoor patio. The bricks in the patio are from the old stove from the giant Daunoy (Dan-wah) Plantation that was located on the site back in the day. There is one bad story about the place, which I hesitate to break out, since this is one of my top 10, but…one time, I think our waiter was melting down (withdrawal?) because he was sweating about as bad as anyone I’ve ever seen. I thought about what that meant for him delivering food, but decided to just assume he held the food further away from his body that night. Wasn’t Jackson Browne here once as well? Did I see him? Or am I just taking somebody else’s story and making it mine?

19. April 2002 by Sudsbury
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