Dreamy Weenies* (#251, 3/5/13) – 75

While the New Orleans burger-craze has been getting a lot of attention, there are also quite a few hot dog joints opening up. I believe Dat Dog is the leader as far as wieners, but Dreamy Weenies is a pretty solid option. Located on Rampart Street on the edge of the French Quarter right across from Armstrong Park, it’s a better option for me as it’s downtown. Plenty of parking usually and it wasn’t overly crowded (maybe bad for them).

I just had a basic beef frank, but they have quite a variety and, based on yelp and friends with meat issues, the vegetarian and vegan options are a major bonus.

I would say as far as a food rating, it’s a solid 37 out of 50 – it’s just a hot dog, but pretty good size with a decent bun (whole wheat buns available too, I should have tried that). The atmosphere is excellent. As I said, right across from Armstrong Park, a nice, high-ceilinged, clean place with plenty of seating. They played some New Orleans music while I was there. I’ll go with 22 out of 30. The service is basic; you order at the counter and they bring it out to you. It’s family-owned though which means people are vested in the product/service, which can’t be over-rated in New Orleans. The guy who waited on us knew the menu perfectly, gave us good information and was good and friendly, I’m going to give a 16 out of 20.

Final score for the Weenies – 75.

Two quick notes – it’s cash only (ATM on site with $0.99 charge) and there’s no booze. Just fyi, if you want hot dogs and beer, go to Dat Dog. If you want hot dogs, followed by some tasty drinks, then eat here and wander to Bar Tonique a couple of blocks down.

05. March 2013 by Sudsbury
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