Café Fiorella (#258, 5/6/13) – 43

This place kind of stinks. I guess I should rephrase, just to be polite. If you work in New Orleans and you decide to grab lunch in the French Quarter, it will probably take some time, but we went here and it took close to 45 minutes just to get our food – and we had a salad and red beans & rice. There is a sign on the wall from “Mama Fiorella” that says all food is prepared fresh, so please by patient. I’m guessing they don’t prepare each serving of red beans & rice individually, but who knows. It was probably the salad that held things up that long.

So anyway, if you’re going to just hang out for awhile and maybe have a couple of beers (or a six-pack), then maybe the wait won’t bother you that much here. However, since the place is kind of dirty and dingy with uncomfortable seating, I’m thinking you can do much better for yourself than here.

As far as ratings…will start with service: out of 20 points, I will give it a three. The waiter did apologize a lot for the wait, but he also said, “Ok, grabbing your food now, will be right out with it.” And then he took somebody’s money, went to the register, cashed them out, then refilled someone else’s drinks.

I may have referenced the atmosphere a bit with the “dirty and dingy” stuff, so you know where this is going. They did have music playing, through the tv and one of those tv music stations. I heard some Roxette, I think, which sure makes you think New Orleans. So out of 30 points for atmosphere, I’m giving this is a five.

And on to the food. Get this, it was good! The red beans & rice were (was?) excellent and the grilled shrimp salad had solid reviews. We didn’t even try the fried chicken, which is supposedly their specialty. So that was quite surprising, almost disappointing. When a place starts bad, you kind of hope the food will stink too. But anyway, out of 50 points, I will give the food a 35.

Final score: 43. Must be my lowest ranking yet. Did I rank Fellini? I don’t think I had my ranking system in place. I think Fellini may be worse though.

06. May 2013 by Sudsbury
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