SoBou (#269, 7/24/13) – 62

Dropped in at SoBou for the first time – if you’re trying to find it, it’s located just south of Bourbon Street in the W Hotel on Chartres St. I just went for lunch and it was decent, not sure I’ll be hurrying back, but might be up for trying again, especially if meeting some in the Quarter.

The atmosphere was decent, though I was surprised it was so dead at about noon on a Wednesday (though it is July in New Orleans). It is a relatively upscale place, but not too crazy, and being based in a hotel, I don’t believe there is any sort of dress code, which can be good or bad, I suppose. Regardless, atmosphere-wise, I wasn’t blown away by anything, just okay. I’ll give it 18 out of 30 points.

As far as food, the menu seems quite limited, which also may not be bad. I didn’t have trouble finding something to eat. I went with a small plate burger which was only $7 and it was outstanding. Adding fries ($5) to the order made it a light meal for me, but pretty good and not that expensive. I would like to give the full size burger a run one of these days. Out of 50 points, I’ll give it a 30.

The service was fine as well. Again, not many people there, so not a big challenge. Servers weren’t over-bearing (I could have a couple of sips of water before they hurried to refill). Out of 20 possible points in service, I’ll give it a 14.

Final score = 62. Not too bad.

24. July 2013 by Sudsbury
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