Gott Gourmet* (#247, 2/13/13) – 77

I can’t quite figure out why I had never been to Gott Gourmet. I’m not sure I understood what it was. Or perhaps the word “gourmet” threw me off? I don’t know. But regardless, I went for the first time and it’s an outstanding lunch spot on Magazine Street. In fact, it made a strong enough impression that I went back the next day as well. Day one, I went for a pulled pork wrap and then followed up with the St. Patty’s Day Massacre (a reuben). Both were very good and I would highly recommend this place for a lunch stop. Seems like a specialty is the ancho-honey slaw, which was on both of my sandwiches. I also recommend the jalapeno cheddar tortilla if you’re going for a wrap. They have a variety of sides as well and the salads also look excellent. Probably the biggest knock would be the prices – you’ll pay more than running by Subway or WOW (guessing $15 per person, hardly insane), but it’s definitely worth it.

For the food, I’m going all out with a 25 out of 30. The atmosphere is very good, a spacious place (tables not crowded on top of each other), clean, and comfortable, so I’m giving a 35 out of 50. The service was solid as well, collecting a 17 out of 20 for a grand total of 77. Whoa! One of the highest scores I’ve given. Nicely done, Gott Gourmet.

13. February 2013 by Sudsbury
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