C&A Seafood (#274, 8/24/13) – 68

Ventured into a bit of a shady area on a Saturday afternoon when I wasted too much time to be able to go to Crabby Jack’s or Avery’s for a shrimp po-boy (they both close early). I have been driving by C&A Seafood in Gert Town pretty much every day on the way to work, so finally decided to drop in.

I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t really looked at the building in the past, but it’s a decent-looking stucco type look and inside it’s clean and bright, but not industrial bright. Apparently it’s run by a Vietnamese family (for those outside the city, New Orleans has an ever-growing Vietnamese population) and the cases in front are filled with tons of boiled seafood – dungeness crab, king crab, shrimp, crawfish, lobster, etc. I saw multiple people coming in to pick up large orders.

I just had friend seafood on my mind and was just going to get fried shrimp, but thought for variety purposes, I should add oysters as well. I was quite glad I did as the fried oysters were some of the best I have ever sampled. The shrimp was pretty good, very large, but the issue was that the breading went all the way over the tails, so it was a bit tough to figure out where the shell was – ended up chewing on chunks of shell which is never a positive. It also came with french fires which were good. Out of 50 points for food, I’m giving this place a 38, very good.

Atmosphere was better than I expected, but it’s still basically a walk-up tot he counter and go place. It would be an okay place to eat at (I took mine home), but nothing special – nothing bad either. I’ll give it a 17 out of 30 for atmosphere.

The service was good; again, you order at the counter and they call your name when it’s ready. Not many people there on a late Saturday afternoon so it was pretty quick as well. The guys working seemed nice and willing to work, no bad attitude or anything (again, not a given in New Orleans). I’m giving them a 13 out of 20 in service.

Final score = 68. I’ll definitely be back.

24. August 2013 by Sudsbury
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