Baru (#226, 10/10/12)

I had avoided Baru for quite a long time because I have something against tapas places. Maybe because I have always hated sharing food. But I guess I’m coming around on that. For whatever reason, after a Wednesday in the Square, I opted for Baru and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s not all tapas, they even have entrees. It had an inauspicious start – had to sit outside on a table that was sort of tilted to the street – and the service was pretty awful. Took a long time to get drinks (but good sangria, even though I don’t practice sangra-lia). Billed as a Latrin-Caribbean bistory, I ordered the churrasco, which is skirt steak with a chimicurri sauce. It was unbelievable. Just an outstanding meal, except for the one time when my chair tipped over and I feel in the street (ok, that may not have happened…or maybe it did). I will definitely be back to try the tapa-sized churrasco with a few other things. I believe you can bring your own wine as well here, so that has some appeal.

10. October 2012 by Sudsbury
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