Tomas Bistro* (#240, 12/28/12) – 60

Dropped in at Tomas Bistro, a French-creole style bistro, for the first time on a Saturday night just before the Sugar Bowl – unfortunately, this probably says something about the place. I tried to go to a variety of other places, but as usual, I tried to get reservations at 5 p.m. for a 7 p.m. dinner. Never easy on Saturday night on a busy weekend. However, Tomas was ready and willing to accept us at any time. And when we walked in, multiple people jumped to help us. There was definitely not a lack of service; to the point I was ready to tell them to leave us alone. Just go stand in the corner and we’ll wave if we want something. One of the people in our group ordered a drink and somehow, two different people brought it to him (two different drinks). I’m not sure how one drink order can get doubled, but I’m all for it in the future if there’s only one charge.

Having said that, it was a good meal. I had some giant scallops to open and they were solid, then the tournedos of beef, which were very good.

So overall, a decent meal and a worthwhile spot; especially if you forget to make reservations.

I almost forgot my new rating system for this…let’s see…for food, I will go with a 35 out of 50. Atmosphere was okay, so I guess 15 out of 30. And service, well, service was actually a little annoying, but not that bad, so giving 10 our of 20. That makes a grand total of 60. So I guess pretty good.

This is actually one of the few places that I have doubled up on – it used to be Tomasito’s (#158), but that closed down and the owner’s tried another variation of Tom this time around. I didn’t use the bathroom, but am very curious what they did with the cool Pancho Villa painting they had in the old Mexican-restaurant bathroom.

28. December 2012 by Sudsbury
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