Reuben’s Soup & Sandwich Company (#276, 9/26/13) – 67

Getting quite slow on finding new restaurants. I have to admit, not eating out every meal does save some money! Who knew? Anyway, Reuben’s is another CBD lunch spot. Located on Gravier Street right in the middle of a lot of tall buildings means you better look at getting there early to avoid a major lunch rush. We managed to duck in just ahead of a bid crowd.

I figured that going to place called Reuben’s, I better sample a Reuben. It turns out that the owner’s name is Reuben, so the name doesn’t come from it having some spectacular take on the Reuben sandwich. I’m kind of thinking that if your name is Reuben, and you open a sandwich shop, you better come up with a really good Reuben. No? Anyway, the Reuben here was good, just not great, and it was pretty tiny. I tend to like hearty portions, especially around meal time, so that disappointed me. It came with a bag of chips for $9.00. There is an option for a half-Reuben, but that seems insane; I don’t even think it would count as a snack. I’m going with a 32 out of 50 on food, it tasted good, but not enough of it.

The atmosphere was good. Typical “sandwich shop” style. You walk in, order at the counter and they call your name (they actually called our name and brought it to us). It’s a decent-sized place, probably like 20 tables, but again, in a busy neighborhood, so it could be crowded (it’s only open 11-3). I’ll give it a 20 out of 30 for atmosphere.

The service was good; I believe Reuben himself took our order. He didn’t get excited when I ordered his world-famous special Reuben, which he worked for years to perfect to honor his own name, which should have tipped me off that it may not meet my expectations. Even after the crowd arrived, they kept the line moving and kept pumping food out, so that was good. All very friendly as well. On service, I’ll give it a 15 out of 20.

Final score = 67.

26. September 2013 by Sudsbury
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