Louisiana Seafood Exchange* (#6, 11/25/2000)

This is another borderline place to include. Number one issue is that it’s in Jefferson, but since I am including Crabby Jack’s, I kind of need to include this place, right? Since it’s almost the same place? Jack bought the place out, I believe, and changed it up to include the Jacques-Imo’s food. But the fried shrimp po-boys were awesome, just like Jack’s. Actually, I had never had a friend shrimp po-boy until I moved to New Orleans, but when we went on basketball trips at Tulane, they used to get shrimp po-boys from here for everyone. I didn’t know what to make of them at first, but found out quickly how awesome they are. I think I had shrimp every day for about three months after moving here!

25. November 2000 by Sudsbury
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