Diva Dawg* (#262, 5/17/13) – 64

And the New Orleans gourmet hot dog tour continues. Diva Dawg was my third stop at one of these fancy hot dog joints – and my opinion is about the same on all of them. They’re pretty good, but it’s hard to spend a fair amount of money on a hot dog. It’s only like $7 for a basic dog (or dawg) here, but still…I like hot dogs, but I’m good with going to a Delgado baseball game and getting two for $2 and putting a bit of mustard on and being good to go.

Anyway, I went with the andouille sausage dog with creole mustard. It was pretty good, had a good kick to it. The biggest difference between this place and the other two (Dat Dog and Dreamie Wienie’s) is the bread. Diva has a smaller bun, which some people may not like. I kind of preferred it; not like eating a massive hunk of bread with a few bites of meat (or whatever goes into hot dogs). But it’s not as filling. They have a good range of specialty dogs (including a veggie version). Overall, like I said, it was good. Out of 50 points possible in food, I’ll give it a 28.

The atmosphere was decent. Located on Magazine Street, there is plenty of street parking near it. The place is airy and open, nothing fancy. Out of 30 points in this category, I’ll give it a 20.

Service was very good. Very friendly people working, I believe the owner as well. We had some confusion with the shrimp dog, not realizing that it was shrimp on top of an actual hot dog. But they swapped it out with no problem at all. So have to give them credit there. Out of 20 points for service, I’ll give them a 16.

Final score = 64.

17. May 2013 by Sudsbury
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