Bayou Burger (#278, 11/1/13) – 71

It’s not often I get down to Bourbon Street, and even more rare that I go there and eat a meal. But the night after Halloween, we were just wandering around and dropped in for a burger at the Bayou Burger and Sports Company. It’s actually a decent set-up, pretty big place with a lot of tv’s located less than halfway up Bourbon Street.

They have a wide-range of specialty burgers which are perfect for people on vacation in New Orleans – in other words, their health factor even made me hesitate. Instead of the deep-fried burger or the beef/spicy sausage covered with every hot item possible, I just built my own burger – and it was pretty good. All of the food seemed decent and I would definitely recommend this place if you’re wandering the French Quarter and crave a burger and not something overly fancy – especially if there’s no line on a Friday night. I’m going to give food a 38 out of 50.

The atmosphere was as expected of a Bourbon Street burger joint/sports bar. No complaints at all; I bet it’s actually a good place to watch some games on a Saturday or Sunday. I’ll give it an 18 out of 30.

Service was good as well. I can’t imagine the hassles these people go through trying to conduct your job amongst a massive number of drunk people, but they seemed good with us. I’ll give them a 15 out of 20.

Final score = 71.

01. November 2013 by Sudsbury
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