Oso’s Baja Burrito (#297, 4/23/14) – 57

I was curious what kind of burrito a bear might make, so I checked out Oso’s Baja Burrito for a quick lunch. I was also curious because the place had some pretty bad reviews on Yelp. It’s located in the Fulton Parking Garage building across from the Convention Center, right next to the Mexican Consulate, so it seems like the Mexican food has to be somewhat okay, no?

As far as food, it is essentially Chipotle style. You choose burrito, tacos or bowl and add the ingredients as you go down the assembly line. I had a bowl with steak and other fixins. It wasn’t as good as Chipotle, but for fast-food Mexican, it was just fine. I’m not sure what some other people were expecting, but it’s not gourmet, and not advertised as such. I’ll give it a 28 out of 50 on food.

The service was just fine. Again, you order at the counter, go down the line and they hand you your food. Then you pay and get a drink cup. I’ll give it a 12 out of 20 for service.

The atmosphere was basic fast-food atmosphere. Hard to ask for anything more. Some background music playing, you sit in basic metal chairs at tables. Think McDonald’s. It was mostly clean though, which is never a given at New Orleans fast food places. 17 out of 30 for atmosphere.

Final score = 57.

23. April 2014 by Sudsbury
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