Lucky Rooster* (#271, 8/6/13) – 60

The Lucky Rooster is a new place very close to work, so I was excited to try, hoping it would fit in as a good lunch stop. It also has a fun name with an excellent logo and a fun slogan – Good Food, Good Fortune. So lots of potential here.

The atmosphere seemed okay. It was quite loud; one of those places where every conversation seems to echo through the place. There wasn’t a lot of seating, but sufficient and we hopped into an open slot at the bar, which was fine. They had random music playing, but pretty good – it closed with Twist and Shout by the Beatles, so that’s a positive. It also has a creative menu broken up into Chow, Nibble, Munch, Crunch and Slurp, so that’s fun. Overall, I’ll give it a 19 out of 30 for atmosphere.

The food was decent, but I have to say, the price-to-quantity ratio is going to keep me away from future lunches. I tired the scratch dumplings from “Chow” menu section. They were quite good. Then I followed with the red ginger shrimp Bao from the “Nibble” section. A bao is a folded house-made steam bun stuffed with your choice of contents (you get two with the order). I thought it was way too much breading with barely any shrimp. The two items were $14 combined, which isn’t bad, but not enough food for a meal. I probably needed another round of dumplings or something. And be careful if you opt to just throw in an iced tea – they’re $2.50 each. I don’t understand why restaurants charge so much for iced tea (or any soft drinks for that matter). It’s really starting to bug me; am I really going to have to start just drinking water at lunch? I’ll give this a 27 out of 50 in the food category; pretty good, but too pricey.

As far as service, I had read some bad service review online, but I had no issues. Food came quickly, bartender was attentive, host even offered us a table when one came open. So out of 20 for service, I’ll give them a 14.

Final score = 60.

06. August 2013 by Sudsbury
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