Johnny White’s (#176, 10/29/2011)

No. 176 was Johnny White’s on Bourbon Street. There is a decent sports bar downstairs on the street, but we ate upstairs on the balcony. It was the Saturday afternoon of Halloween weekend and we were starving. We tried Port O’ Call, but the wait was crazy so we just wandered, figuring we would stop at the first place that had food and no line – and it worked out great. I had a burger which was pretty good, the rest of the food was solid as well – the crab cakes even looked like crabs! Plus sitting on the balcony watching the show below was well worth it. Another good note is that the bar has never closed since it opened 19 years ago, not even for Katrina – there were all kinds of good stories/rumors at this time, my favorite was a drunk guy trying to leave in the middle of the night and getting mugged, and almost getting his ear ripped off; he went back to the bar, and some guy sewed his ear back together and all was good.

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