Sammy’s Food Service (#288, 1/24/14) – 60

After seeing an article on Facebook about the top 10 po-boys in New Orleans, I figured I better check some of them out. Actually, I think the article may have been the 10 Po-Boys You Must Try, or something like that, so not really positive it was the 10 best. My first visit was to Sammy’s Food Service & Deli.

They have a very extensive menu with a variety of items, but I went for the recommended “Ray-Ray,” which is southern fried chicken breast, grilled ham and Swiss cheese. While the sandwich was recommended, I wasn’t sure what to do on size, so just spent the extra $2 on the large. Note to self (and other): Don’t spend the extra two bucks on the large. My lord; it is a giant sandwich. I ate half and was still stuffed. I do think the other half will work cold, so brought it home. Overall, an interesting and tasty sandwich. I’m not sure I’ll rush back to get another, but definitely willing to try some other items there. As far as food, I’ll give it a 28 out of 50.

The atmosphere here was decent. It is what it is, a basic deli where you order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. They have a fair amount of seating, but it’s basically a no-frills place. Atmosphere is 20 out of 30.

The service was decent. It took a little bit to get my food; I would say almost a half hour. They were quite busy and I believe also had a logjam of chicken orders. But overall, no real issues. Service is 12 out of 20.

Final score = 60.

24. January 2014 by Sudsbury
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