Nola Grocery* (#114, 6/3/09)

Nola Grocery was an excellent hole-in-the-wall grocery-type store with a deli, located on Andrew Higgins Drive, between Tchoupitoulas and S. Peters. It had great shrimp po-boys and pretty darn good cheeseburgers. I used to drop in for two cheeseburgers fairly regularly. It wasn’t what you would call a clean place, but still a good stop. They always had other weird items for sale as well – such as brass knuckles, mace and other self-protection items that I’m not sure were completely legal. Maury was the curly-haired guy who was always working there, not sure if he owned it or not, but you can always see him at pretty much any music festival in town. The Butcher bought the place so it could expand.

03. June 2009 by Sudsbury
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