Esses Foods (#344, 6/24/16)

This place was outstanding. I was a little concerned with the prices on the pasta, but I wanted to try it. I went for a large because smaller sizes never fill me up. Well, the price was explained. The large serving of pasta with shrimp was easily enough for two meals (and probably another snack). I went in for lunch and it took about 10 minutes to get my meal, so I had plenty of time to fit it in on a normal lunch hour.

It’s also a very cool place as part of the Dryades Market, so fun to check that out. You can order your food at Esses, then wander around the market for a bit before coming back to eat – the pasta is also packaged well for to-go and you can buy pre-made pasta dishes. You can’t go wrong with these things!

One odd thing…drinks. The Esses Foods corner had some drinks and I should have just had something from there. I wandered around and around and couldn’t find a great selection of soft drinks to have with lunch, so pick one from the Esses counter (or do a better job of searching than I did).

24. June 2016 by Sudsbury
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