Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine (#284, 11/26/13) – 60

Another interesting lunch spot in the CBD, Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine offers a wide-range of Mediterranean food, but, that’s not all! It also has the largest hookah selection of any restaurant I’ve been to – and they’re all for sale! Actually, this is a convenience store as well, so it has a large range of items. I would say the best thing is that it’s open 24 hours. For people out late in the Quarter looking for a quick bite that isn’t pizza or fried food, drop in here, just across Canal Street. The word I here from Mediterranean folks is that it is very authentic as well.

I tried a sampler plate which gave a good range of items. Some very good, some a little plain, but hey, it’s a sampler plate. So as far as food, I’ll give it an average grade of about 28.

The atmosphere…well, it’s part of a convenient store. It’s nothing fancy, but nothing bad. I’ll give it an 18 for atmosphere.

The service was good, very friendly people, though we were a bit confused as to how to pay. After great service, the waitress sort of disappeared, but I think that may have been because we were done. Instead of getting a bill at the table, we just went to the counter and the guy asked what we had and we paid. So I’ll give it a 14 for service.

Final score = 60.

26. November 2013 by Sudsbury
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