Warehouse Grille* (#261, 5/16/13) – 79

Quite pleased with a newly discovered lunch spot in the CBS. Dropped in on the Warehouse Grille on Magazine Street in the former location of McGuire’s (and a variety of other places before that). It’s very close to the World War II Museum, so is a worthwhile option if visiting there. This is definitely a bar with food – one wall is filled with beer taps. It also has a very big outdoor patio area and a good-sized private room.

The menu is limited, but it has a couple of burgers, a couple of sliders and a couple of sandwiches, as well as a handful of salads. An interesting aspect of the place is that they serve breakfast each day until 3 p.m. I think I’ll have to make a trip back to check out the omelets. I went for the Warehouse Club which is chicken, bacon and Canadian bacon on jalapeno bread. Anyone who knows me, knows that the way to get a good rating from me is to put a sandwich on good bread. And this bread was excellent. Plus the chicken and bacon was solid. And they had homestyle french fries. I’ve also tried the lamb and steak sliders and they’re solid as well. The burgers are giant, and once again, great bread. Overall, very good lunch food – and it appears they serve food all the way until close, which is a good bonus in the CBD as a lot of places stop serving. Out of 50 points, I’m giving this a 40 on food (that’s a recent boost, really liking the place, and the hours).

The atmosphere was also very good. We may have been there on a perfect day – it’s nice and cool with a breeze today, so the front doors were wide open giving it a good airy feel. It would have even been a good day to sit on the patio (which isn’t common to say after April in NOLA). For atmosphere, I’m giving it a 23 out of 30.

The service was also good. Plenty of wait staff on hand to take care of the lunch crowd (most inside tables were full). No wait for anything and everyone very attentive without being over-bearing. The one interesting aspect is that with quite a few visits here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same servers. Lots of turnover; we’ve had outstanding service and quite shaky service, but overall, they do a good job. I’ll give it a 16 out of 20.

Final score: 79.

16. May 2013 by Sudsbury
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