Manning’s (#198, 1/19/2012)

Manning’s marked the first time I went to a grand opening and, as expected, some things were a bit slow as they are working out the kinks, but overall a good place. It is as-advertised, an upscale sports bar; the food was very good, some interesting items and unique mixes. I had the Boudreaux Pie as well as sweet potato skins and cochon de lait poutine – all very tasty. However, there was one major problem – very small quantities. Everything was tiny; which doesn’t seem to fit well with a football-type crowd. An order of sweet potato skins was maybe half a sweet potato total. A friend had the fish and chips and it was two pieces of fish and apparently the breading was the chips. We all had appetizers, entrees and desserts and we were all ready to grab a pizza on the way home. Hopefully that changes because the bill for five of us (including a drink or two each) was over $200.

19. January 2012 by Sudsbury
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