Rory’s City Kitchen* (#281, 11/9/13) – 51

This is a solid stop for me as I can’t even find any reference to it online; in other words, it’s a bit under-the-radar. Rory’s City Kitchen is located on Oak Street, a little ways past Squeal BBQ on the same side of the road, right across the street from a little convenience store. They basically serve one offering per meal, such as red beans on Monday, smothered cabbage another day and fried chicken another. They also serve basic breakfast plates daily, including a breakfast sandwich for $3. It is a tiny place where you order at the counter and then sit on the one bench and wait.

I dropped in for a couple of breakfast sandwiches – they had a couple different sausages and bacon, so I went with smoked sausage. They grill the sausage and scramble the eggs, then add some cheese and drop it between two slices of white bread – in other words, very simple. And it’s solid. If you’re looking for a quick sandwich with no hassles (and no high prices), drop in. I’ll give it a 28 out of 50 for food.

The atmosphere is next to nothing. No knock on it; it’s just a storefront, but it was as expected, so I’m giving it a 15 out of 30.

The service left a bit to be desired. I was the only one there when I walked in and had a bit of the feeling that it was annoying that she had to get up to serve me, but nothing openly negative. I’ll give it an 8 out of 20 for service.

Final score = 51. Though it’s a low score, it’s not a bad place, it’s just a no frills, grab your food and go place.

09. November 2013 by Sudsbury
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