Satsuma (#234, 11/3/12)

I’ve heard about this Satsuma place in the Bywater, but hadn’t made it down there yet. Wait around long eneough and I guess it comes to you, because they opened up another place on Maple Street Uptown. So I dropped in to check out the breakfast offerings on Saturday morning. It’s a casual type place where you order at the counter and then just find a seat. It was pretty crowded so a bit of a wait, but overall, I wasn’t inspired by the menu. Seems to be one of those healthy places, which is always going to be a problem for me. I usually prefer the unhealthy options. I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich – wanted it on a biscuit, but they were out (a good sign, only fresh stuff), so went with regulat wheat bread. Solid sandwich; it was good enough that I went back on Sunday for another one. But overall, nothing great.

03. November 2012 by Sudsbury
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