Wayfare (#250, 2/27/13) – 79

There’s been a lot of talk about this Wayfare place, one of the latest cool spots in the revitalization of Freret Street. So I finally checked it out. And…I think I’m getting cheap. It was very good, no doubt, but getting a ham sandwich and chips with a drink (non-alcoholic) for about $17 seems a bit much. But it is a solid place and I liked the feel of it a lot.

So to cut to the chase and the ratings. Starting with the food, the media day (ham and pork) sandwich I had was excellent and the macaroni and cheese that I sampled was outstanding. Other items looked good on the menu as well; and for the non-carnivores, don’t be afraid of the menu, they say they always have vegetarian specials and options. The sandwiches themselves aren’t terribly pricey, but to get anything with it, it jumps fast, so that’s my only knock. Out of 50 possible, I’m giving this place a 37 in food.

Atmosphere was outstanding; I really liked the feel of the place. It has a nice bar and wide-open spaces. Very casual, but comfortable. I’ll give it a 25 out of 30 in atmosphere.

You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you, so pretty basic service. But very friendly staff and people offering refills and anything else regularly (without being annoying). Solid service, so a 17 out of 20 there.

Final score: 79. Pretty darn good.

27. February 2013 by Sudsbury
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