Pesche Seafood Grill (#260, 5/15/13) – 63

Donald Link, of Cochon fame, has a new place in the CBD. At Peche, instead of focusing on the pig, he’s focusing on the fish. And it’s an okay place. I just went for lunch and they have a fairly basic menu which is augmented by what appears to be a fairly extensive list of daily specials. I’m thinking lunch may be bad to just it on as it wasn’t all that much food.

Starting with the food, I had a shrimp and oyster sandwich (from the specials menu) and it was pretty good. Fried, of course, but not much. I think maybe three shrimps and two oysters – but a lot of bread. It was really a bread sandwich with some seafood garnishes. I think you need to order a couple of the small players as well to get a full meal. We did try a chicken small plate – grilled chicken with white barbecue sauce. The chicken was very tasty. But overall, not that impressed with my meal. Out of 50 points, I’m giving it a 26 on food, about average.

The atmosphere was pretty good. I like the big open spaces with high ceilings and a good view of the kitchen. They were messing with the music when I was there, trying to get things right in a new place. There were plenty of people eating, but it wasn’t that loud and even when people were seated right next to us, it didn’t seem like we were eating with them. So out of 30 for atmosphere, I’m giving it a 21.

The service was very good as well. The waiter really knew his stuff, could describe all the fish and explain the different dishes and made some recommendations as well. Nice work by him. Out of 20 on service, I’m giving it a 16.

Final score: 63, not too bad.

15. May 2013 by Sudsbury
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