Toups Meatery (#253, 3/8/13) – 75

Toups Meatery in Mid-City is a pretty cool place. A good location on Carrollton Avenue and a friendly set-up inside, as well as outdoor tables. It seemed like an open and airy, as well as friendly place. I’m in for a return trip.

The food was very good; opened with some chargrilled oysters (a special) and then went for the Toups Burger, which was a combo of beef and pork. I like these people who are working on mixing up their meats. I support this practice. It also had squash on it, instead of pickles. Not sure what to make of that, but it wasn’t anything negative. The word on the street is that the pork chop is awesome, but since it was just lunch, I went a little lower key. So for one lunch trip, I’m giving the food a solid 38 out of 50. Hmm, no mention of price….can you tell I didn’t pay? It’s not a cheap lunch, but everything is well worth it.

I mentioned that the atmosphere was good; I liked the set-up and seating, etc. I’m going with a 21 out of 30. And the service was excellent as well. We had a very friendly server who wasn’t overbearing and knew what he was talking about. All good, so a 16 on service.

Final score: 75.

14. March 2013 by Sudsbury
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