Nosh* (#255, 3/25/13) – 53

When the Groupon drifted through mentioning sliders, you had to know I’d be on board. And I finally used it (always a bonus when I actually use the Groupons that I buy) to visit Nosh. Located on Dauphine in the French Quarter, it’s a very low-key, not-fancy, diner-style place. It’s a little bizarre as it features sliders and…breakfast? Not sure about that, but as far as the breakfast goes, Yelpers and the like don’t seem to like it. But for me, I was all about the sliders.

They have quite a variety, beef, buffalo (it’s bison), turkey, fish, pork, and even portobello, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to eat mushrooms. Speaking of the portobello, it is actually “petite portobello” according to the menu, and according to my eyes. Wow! Two little mushrooms on the roll, they weren’t much bigger than a quarter each.

I went for a couple of beef and one buffalo and they were pretty good. I opted for whole wheat buns as I’m on a bit of a health kick. I also tried the sweet potato fries and the tater tots – good quantities of both of those and they were pretty tasty. Overall on the food side, I’d say good. Hmm, I’ll go with a 30 out of 50. Didn’t knock my socks off, but not bad; if I’m in the area, I’ll consider going back, but doubt I’ll make a special trip.

The atmosphere is pretty basic. Seems like they could liven it up some, but maybe it’s still new. Regardless, will have to give it a 15 out of 30 in the atmosphere category.

Service….might be a problem. Our waitress was very nice, new to the job so won’t hold that against her – and she did get everything right, so really no knocks there. It just took a very long time. If they’re just cooking breakfast and sliders, it doesn’t seem like it should take 40 minutes to get food. A little bit of a challenge to go here on a one-hour lunch break. So I’ll give it an eight out of 20 in service.

Final score: 53.

25. March 2013 by Sudsbury
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