Terrazu (#277, 10/3/13) – 65

Continuing to make the lunch rounds, I hit up Terrazu, which is located in the mall-type area at Plaza St. Charles a few blocks off Canal Street. They are a few steps above a coffee shop with a range of coffee drinks and smoothies, as well as sandwiches and salads.

I decided to continue a new quest – to find the best Reuben in New Orleans…well, actually, I guess I didn’t have a Reuben here, I had a Manhattan Club, which was corned beef and pastrami with swiss cheese and spicy creole mustard. So it was close to being a Reuben. But then when they brought it to me, I don’t think there was any pastrami on it. I ate most of it before realizing, then poked around and didn’t see any. It still had excellent flavor though, but again, it just wasn’t enough food. However, and this will contribute much to the “service” score, I was just about done and a woman came to our table and handed me another half sandwich. She said something about how the sandwich fell apart while she was putting it on the plate, so she wanted to give me more. I’m not sure if she meant that usually there would have been more and she fixed the falling apart half, or maybe she felt bad that it wasn’t presented properly, so she gave me more. Regardless, it was a tasty sandwich with chips for 10 bucks. I’m not holding back points for quantity since I had enough, but next time, it may not be the same deal. Food score is 34.

As mentioned above, the service was great! Extra food is always accepted. I’ll give them a 15 in service.

The atmosphere was fine. It’s a small lunch spot with about six tables. It’s located in the lobby of an office building with other shops around it. Nothing special. I don’t think it’s worth a special trip, but if you’re wondering around the CBD, you may as well stop in. 16 out of 30 for atmosphere.

Final score = 67.

03. October 2013 by Sudsbury
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