Jazzy Wings* (#228, 10/12/12)

Music in Ya Mouth! Finally! Number one, Jazzy Wings has the top motto/theme of any New Orleans restaurant, and I am using the term “restaurant” loosely. Jazzy Wings has a couple of big benches and about three stools. Like a true authentic wing joint, you pay through a bank-like slot in a window, possibly bullet-proof, we didn’t test it. I went with the tender special, which was three tenders (I opted for honey mustard, probably should have gone jazzy), fries and a drink. They also had a special which was simply “fish, salad, peas…$8.59.” I’m not a big pea guy, so I skipped that. My friends went with true “jazzy” wings, which is a special herb blend. Everybody was pretty happy with the meal, even with the fries being old. And we also now have frequent cutosmer cards, so that’s good too.

12. October 2012 by Sudsbury
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