District Donuts Sliders Brew (#283, 11/15/13) – 67

I really like little sandwiches, little burgers, little donuts, etc. I like smaller foods a lot. So when a slider place finally opened up, I knew I would be there soon. District Donuts Sliders Brew is a cool little place on Magazine Street, near Jackson, right next to Stein’s Deli.

First things first, brew refers to coffee, not beer. They have a few basic sliders on the main menu, as well as featured sliders each day. For my trip, the features were oyster, BLT and duck. I opted to stick to the main menu and ordered a cheeseburger slider and a fried chicken slider ($3.50 each). Both were pretty good – burger was very good, chicken was okay. I liked the bread a lot, which is key. Having said that, if you want good sliders in New Orleans, you have to find the SliderShak food truck. But back to this restaurant; I also decided to try a donut, so went for a giant peanut butter and jelly donut with some sort of cream frosting as well (trying to eat healthy). It cost $2.50 and it was pretty darned good. As far as food, I’m going to give this place a 32, good sliders and a unique menu.

The atmosphere was a bit hipsterish. A very cool space, very high ceilings, sort of industrial looking. It has a long bar where you look right at the kitchen, plus a line of nice wood tables. They had some sort of borderline techno music going, which didn’t do much for me. But overall, good atmosphere, I’ll give it a 20 out of 30.

The service was also good. It’s always a bonus when all the workers seem to be having fun. It’s a place where you order at the front register, then they call your name when the food was ready. It was very quick, we were in and out in less than 30 minutes. I’ll give it a 15 out of 20 for service.

Final score is a 67.

15. November 2013 by Sudsbury
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