Superior Seafood (#206, 3/6/2012)

Located right on the streetcar line, this place has easy access and a strong menu as well as an excellent late-night happy hour. We opened with the Oysters Bienville (not a big fan of oysters? Try piling shrimp, bacon and cheese on them), then I had the shrimp andouille brochettes, which were massive and very good (weird, who would have thought anything wrapped in bacon would be good?). My friend had the Salmon Lafitte, which looked outstanding as well. Some people have been turned off by the prices; I think they expect Superior Grill style prices (name the place St. Charles Seafood and I think people would be fine with prices). I also struggle with the atmosphere a bit for some reason; it doesn’t have any unique New Orleans to it, hard to describe it, but it seems like a sterile restaurant, nothing fun. Finally, fine, Mr. Waiter, it’s called “Brochay,” sorry I didn’t use the proper pronunciation, but you knew what I meant, let it go.

As an edit, I went back on Oct. 6 and it was pretty much awful. The service really sucked – dumbass waiter, who managed to dump some sort of liquid between a bunch of tables, splashing a handful of people – not even a word of apology. The wine was just dropped on the table (white wine, not iced). And the food was not impressive – char-grilled oysters were good, but very small, maybe the season.

06. March 2012 by Sudsbury
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