Capdeville (#134, 5/15/2010) – 81

Capdeville is an American interpretation of a British social house. It has a gourmet spin on classic bar food and cocktails in an elegantly designed space featuring personalized service and a warm, alluring atmosphere. Or at least, that’s what it has on its website. In other words, I can see how this place can come across as being pretentious. And it took me nearly three years to get over some early issues I may have had with the place. However, after settling in and checking it multiple times, I finally made the call (on May 2, 2013), that this place is in my Top 10. It’s outstanding in all ways.

I have had a variety of food from here, but the highly-rated mac and cheese is excellent, the parmesan truffle fries are awesome, the oyster salad was tremendous, fish tacos are solid…and, the burgers are great. This place has the best burgers in the CBD easily. Maybe all of downtown? As far as food, I’m giving it a rating of 43.

The atmosphere, while possibly pretentious and bordering on hipster, is still great. Last time in, they were playing great music – even mixed in “People Are Strange”! Not crazy loud music though. The set-up is good, a comfortable bar for hanging out and grabbing a bite with a beer, or one of their interesting drinks, many made with whiskey. The regular tables are good as well, not too crowded, just overall good. I’m giving it a 23 out of 30 in atmosphere.

The service has also been outstanding the last few times there. All of the wait staff and bartenders seem fun and intelligent, which is quite a challenge here in New Orleans. They all seem like they enjoy working there and are glad to help out with recommendations. While I did have some service issues shortly after they opened, I see no problems now. I’m going 15 out of 20 on service (only docking points on principle from the early experiences).

Final score = 81; I believe my top score since I started with the point system. And on that note, I think I have to go back now, because I’m starving.

15. May 2010 by Sudsbury
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