Charlie’s Steakhouse (#232, 10/26/12)

Need a fun, old-school place to bring a group of carnivores? Then I would definitely recommend Charlie’s Steakhouse on Dryades in Uptown. It’s likely that as soon as you walk in, you will be greeted by the owner and the service continues from there. Don’t worry about reading the fine print on the menu, because there isn’t any. For that matter, there isn’t a menu. Do you want a big ribeye, a little ribeye or a filet? Be careful ordering the filet, you may take some abuse. Also be careful with the mountain of onion rings they will bring to your table – very good, but you don’t want to get too full. They do serve a salad, and it’s quite good, even better with leftover onion rings as croutons. The sides are solid as well – potatoes au gratin and potato wedges for us. Definitely an excellent stop for old-style steak, don’t expect fancy sauces or anything like that (there might be A1 on the table, that’s about it).

26. October 2012 by Sudsbury
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