Fresh Bar (#264, 6/3/13) – 59

Opted for a healthy option for a change at lunch, and while Fresh Bar isn’t quite as good as a solid burger joint, this was a decent option. It has a wide-range of salad products, and even better, they will make any salad into a wrap as well. Much easier in the decision-making process if you can just say, “Give me the Cobb Salad as a wrap.”

Overall, it was a decent meal, not overly filling, but good. The wrap wasn’t huge, but thickly-packed. Tasted good, though quite a few salad products in my teeth after, be warned if you have a bunch of fake teeth. There is a wide-range of items – you pick your lettuce, you pick the type of wrap, you pick your cheese, etc. The prices weren’t too bad either, made it out of lunch for under $10. So I’ll say out of 50 points, this gets a 30 on food.

The atmosphere was pretty basic, but a nice wide-open airy place with everything green and white. The walls may be a little plain, but I guess it’s all to look “fresh.” So as far as atmosphere, I’ll give it a 16 out of 30.

The service was also good. Basic lunch-style, you order at the counter, pay at the counter, then sit down and they deliver it to the table. The woman working at the counter was friendly and helpful, explaining how the ordering works without dirty looks. A wrap and a salad both came very quickly, so a good lunch option as far as time. I’ll give a 13 out of 20 for service.

Final score: 59. One concern is the fact there weren’t many people in the place at noon on a Monday. Could be trouble for the Fresh Bar, hope it survives.

03. June 2013 by Sudsbury
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