Kobe Teriyaki* (#252, 3/7/13) – 57

I believe my first Gert Town meal was at Kobe Teriyaki on Earhart Blvd, a couple of blocks off Carrollton (Gert Town is one of the many New Orleans neighborhoods). I drive by the place regularly on the way to work – just as I had driven by the string of other restaurants which tried to give it a go in this location. However, after reading a Gambit story about it, I figured I’d give it a try.

Parking is odd (no real spaces, but doesn’t seem to be a problem, and the place is nice and clean with a fast-food style set-up. Prices were very reasonable and it was quite a bit of food. Overall, a decent place for a basic lunch.

I ordered the combination bowl, which was chicken (teriyaki) and beef (teriyaki) over rice with vegetables. A decent meal, which also included a salad (essentially a container of lettuce). The menu states that the wings are the best on the planet and one of the people with me gave them a try and admitted they are very good, so those may be worth trying. My biggest “food” complaint was a drink complaint. No artificial sweeteners at all in the place. Bizarre. “There’s sugar in the cup right there.” Like, maybe I’m diabetic and can’t just dump real sugar in my drink (or maybe I’m not and I just like sweet and low). So for food, I’ll give it a 30 out of 50 (average-tasting food for what you would expect, but very good quantity and reasonably-priced).

The atmosphere is….well, a typical fast-food type atmosphere, though probably cleaner than any fast food place in New Orleans, so I’ll give it a 17 out of 30.

Service was fine also. You order at the counter, then get your own drink and they bring the food out to you. So essentially average, 10 out of 30.

Final score is a 57.

07. March 2013 by Sudsbury
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