Freret Street Po-Boy & Donut Shop (#282, 11/12/13) – 59

If you find yourself planning on going to Company Burger but forget that it’s Tuesday until you get there (closed Tuesdays), one option is to go a block or so down the street to the Freret Street Po-Boys & Donut Shop. It doesn’t really substitute for a Company Burger, but it’s a decent place with a wide variety of items on the menu.

I went for a cheeseburger (due to the Company craving, I assume). They had a couple of options, one expensive and one cheap. I went for the cheap one. It wasn’t a large burger or anything, but no complaints, a solid basic meal. Also had a look at a six-inch po-boy, which was good, I hear, but also $9.99. So a little pricey. The biggest issue may be the amount of items on the menu; they try to have po-boys, different sandwiches, seafood platters, creole-type dishes and….donuts. Not sure what to make of that, but they do add a good smell to the place. They serve a variety of breakfast items as well, so will have to come back and try the breakfast sandwich for $3.99. Overall on food, I’m going to give it a 28, better than average, but nothing spectacular.

The atmosphere was very basic also. Sort of a diner-style in a small place, making it crowded at lunch time. You can hear much of the conversation of the workers, which isn’t a bad thing in my mind, they seem to enjoy what they’re doing and it has good energy. The energy helps boost it up to an 18 out of 30 in atmosphere.

The service was friendly; as mentioned above, it seems like the people working there enjoy being there, which is always a benefit. However, as also mentioned above, they may be too ambitious with the menu as it took quite a while to get a burger. Nothing too bad, but a bit slow. I’ll give it a 13 out of 20 for service.

Final score = 59.

12. November 2013 by Sudsbury
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