Sushi Brothers (#111, 5/5/2009)

This is a semi-experimental post here, not sure how to handle it. While my original visit was back in 2009, I never wrote any review on Sushi Brothers, so just made it back (now that I’m on my sushi kick). So I figure I’ll change the blog date to current, but leave the date on the title for my original visit – though see below for the issues I have with that.

Anyway, Sushi Brothers was a solid place with good food, average atmosphere and one annoying service issue. Maybe I want to drink my entire glass of water before you refill it. Or maybe I want to take a sip and be allowed to actually set the glass down before you start refilling it. Over-attentive staff tends to drive me crazy.

As far as food, I had some sort of sushi-type products that were cooked – the bbq yellowtail and a spicy/crunchy roll of some sort (I hope it was the Rock and Roll Roll, because that’s fun to say). And also tried one of the Metairie Rolls with some raw stuff in it. I think it may have tasted okay, but my paranoia about uncooked food freaked me out, so will have to continue working on it. I am getting much better at eating with sticks though. So I have that going for me.

I also looked at some smoked salmon “sushi,” which I understand is normally called nigiri. I hear it was good, but I could not taste it with my eyes, so not for me to evaluate. I also hear the miso soup was average, but since I don’t like hot liquids, I only sampled it a bit – it tasted like hot liquid to me. However, the soup was free, so that’s good. Not sure if you can just go in and get free soup though.

Anyway, let me think on a rating, I am going with a 25 on the food. It was pretty good. Atmosphere was just a typical generic, brightly lit diner style, so not great, maybe…15 out of 30? Then the service is getting a 10 out of 20, for a grand total of 50. I am thinking 50 and lower means unlikely I would go back. Not to say this place was bad, but I would prefer to try different sushi places to see what I like. I even like just eating sushi from Rouse’s now, which 15-year old me never expected I would say; and neither did 40-year old me.

Now as far as this date thing. When I first moved to New Orleans, I didn’t plan on eating everywhere. In fact, my first six years, I didn’t eat that many places at all. Now, on the second time around, I wanted to eat at as many different places as possible, but it still took awhile for me to decide to try and eat everywhere. So once I decided that, I knew I needed a list. So I made the big list of where I had been. Then somewhere along the line, I decided I should put the restaurants in chronological order. This meant I had to go back and try to remember all the places and when I ate there. It was actually very easy to remember all of the places (well, I am sure I forgot a few, I still see places sometimes and think, “Wait! I think I ate there in 2002!”), however, the order was very challenging. So anyway, my first visit to Sushi Brothers was not May 5, 2009. It was during Mardi Gras in 2009, which puts it around Feb. 20. However, the other restaurants that I listed were definitely before Sushi Brothers, but after places that I had in late 2008, so I had a quandary. Some of the dates I estimated. And the Sushi Brothers date is the only one that really bugs me, because I vividly remember going during Mardi Gras. Maybe someday I will rearrange and try to get it better, but for now, I think I’ll just make a list of every bar I have ever had a drink at in New Orleans.

05. May 2009 by Sudsbury
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