Juan’s Flying Burrito (#89, 11/22/2008)

Another of my go-to restaurants. I love Juan’s; prefer the Magazine Street location, but the Mid-City stop is good as well. It’s not really Mexican food, just good food wrapped up like burritos and stuff. Hard to explain, but they have every kind of burrito, a range of quesadillas, tacos, etc. I love the luau and the bacon azul quesadillas and also recommend the blackened redfish tacos. The queso is outstanding; and if it’s crawfish season, I highly recommend adding the mudbugs to your queso. Also has a wide-range of margaritas. However, the highlight is the atmosphere; it tends to have loud heavy metal playing; and sometimes you get the outcast waitress – the one that only has 30 or so tattoos. Most of the people probably have 50% or more of their bodies inked. Also cool décor on the walls; just a fun New Orleans place that’s great to hang out and have a good time.

22. November 2008 by Sudsbury
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