City Greens (#239, 12/13/12)

I think the kid is crying because his brains were used to make the water.

Okay, as I continue my vegetarian diet, I opted for a nice, healthy lunch, just down the road from the Superdome. This City Greens place is pretty good; I had never heard of it, but it seems like a good salad. Sort of a chipotle-style place with salads. You walk along the counter and tell them what you want in your salad. I went for the truffle caesar salad with boiled shrimp – pretty darn healthy, huh? They also had funky waters, called Wat-aah, or maybe WAT-AAH, with stuff added to them. I went with the Brain-flavored water and I could barely taste the brains at all.

You just order at the counter, they hand it to you, you pay, then find a seat and eat. I bet you could even take it with you if you wanted, since it’s in a plastic bowl with a cover. They have a handful of tables and a longer bar-sort of seating place. A typical lunch-style place (it’s only open 11-2).

So let’s see, using the exciting new ranking system….the food gets a 35 out of 50. It was a a very good salad. Hmm, this is a problem with ranking system. The salad was very good as far as salads go, but it wasn’t as good as the sushi from the other night. So I don’t see how I can give a salad more points than that sushi, but they never represented themselves as anything different than a salad place. Oh well, I’ll say, good food. 35.

Atmosphere? Eh, not much, but nothing bad – again, it’s just a lunch place. So I’ll give it a 15 (I’m saying that’s half of 30 so it’s average). Then service; all good, pretty quick, always a bonus in a lunch place, so they will get the full 20 there; they did everything that could be expected. Hmm, they didn’t go above and beyond though, so will give them 17.

The brain-flavored water is good though, so this may be a case of the drinks resulting in bonus points. They also had coconut water and a lot of different root beers. Definitely five bonus points for drinks. Hmm, or maybe four bonus points.

So, the final score for City Greens is…56. Not too shabby.

13. December 2012 by Sudsbury
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