Chiba (#194, 3/5/2012)

Another new place on Oak Street which keeps getting better and better (the street, not Chiba, although maybe Chiba keeps getting better and better as well). Before I say anything about Chiba, I will say that I’m not much of a sushi guy. I’ll eat the rolls and general things like that, but it’s never really been my thing. I always struggle with the size of the “bites.” These seemed even bigger than usual. And I won’t even get into the concept of eating with sticks. We tried the Crescent City Roll (oysters) and the Let The Good Times Roll (shrimp) and they were pretty good. Again, I’m probably not the best judge, but the place had some good atmosphere, despite some of the least comfortable chairs ever. I wonder how some restaurants and bars pick their chairs/tables/stools; fascinating that someone must have sat in them and said, “This bar digging into my back….I like it!”

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