Mais Arepas (#245, 1/29/13) – 57

I’ve seen this little place on the edge of a shady part of town on Carondelet, but just one block off St. Charles. I haven’t been able to find a website for them, but will link to the Yelp page for Mais Arepas. It’s a casual place, described as Colombian Creole. It seems decent for lunch or dinner, and reasonably priced, but you have to be ready for some different food. I am not overly familiar with Columbian food apparently, but the specialty is the arepas. They have a wide-range of them – oh wait, you don’t know what an arepa is? Well, neither do I. Basically, it appears to be a tortilla-type grilled pocket stuffed with a variety of things. I went with the pulled pork with friend plantains – I find it hard to go wrong with plantains. Having said that, I didn’t have the plantain appetizer, which I understand has mozzarella cheese melted over it. That sounds like a dish for me. Anyway, the arepa was quite good, though rather greasy. They did not have iced tea (also no hard liquor), but gave me some weird fruit/juice/drink concoction. It was pretty tasty, so ask about that.

As far as a rating, food is probably a 26 out of 50. The service was decent (though not fast), so it gets a 13 out of 20. The atmosphere was pretty good; it’s a casual, pretty open dining area with Columbian (I’m assuming) art on the walls and low music playing. I’ll give it an 18 out of 30.

The grand total is…57. I think that’s pretty good.

29. January 2013 by Sudsbury
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