Annunciation (#233, 10/31/12)

Dropped in at another new place for a little Halloween dinner. Annunciation, which was opened by a former chef from Clancy’s, is located on, wait for it…Annunciation Street! It’s in the old Deanie’s building in the middle of the Warehouse District. It’s a pretty cool looking place, well set-up, but not a lot of New Orleans character. Friendly service and good food as well. I had the veal annunciation, figured I should try one of their signature dishes and it was quite good. Veal over pasta, essentially. The drum looked good also, so it may be a worthwhile place to check out again, but it didn’t bowl me over…of course, I could be an idiot in that I may have forgotten the best part of the meal – the oyster appetizer! Fried oysters with melted brie. I like cheese on a lot of things, but have never considered it on oysters, yet it was awesome. Other things that I haven’t tried cheese on/with: ice cream, peanut butter, apple pie and any sort of fish.

31. October 2012 by Sudsbury
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